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Haya mai (早舞)

A type of dance, literally “fast dance.” Haya mai is danced by characters playing ryunyo such as the ghost of Tōru Minamoto in Tōru and the ryunyo (the ghost of Fusasaki’s mother) in Ama, and require a happy, elegant style. Haya mai are played with the fue, kotsuzumi, ōtsuzumi and taiko. As the music of the flute (the ōshikichō) is faster than normal (in this case referred to as the banshikichō), haya mai is also known as banshiki mai. Haya mai played in the ōshikichō style is called ōshiki haya mai, used often for dances by characters playing the ghosts of possessed men. Ōshiki haya mai do not include taiko.

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