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Nanori, issei, ageuta. Having developed an interest in Noh after watching several performances, you decide to have a look at a simple utai bon, or “chant book,” and come across these terms. As a newcomer to Noh, their meaning is completely lost on you.

So you don’t get discouraged when you run into this type of terminology in utai bon and other books on Noh, we have created this categorized glossary of Noh Terminology.

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A type of Noh costume (headgear), used for the master thief Kumasaka Chōhan, who appears in the Noh plays “Kumasaka” and “Eboshi-ori”. The Chōhan-zukin is a round hood with shikoro (plates attached to the bottom of headgear) hanging down from the sides and back of the head to protect the neck. Made of gold brocade and other fabrics of various colours and patterns, the Chōhan-zukin has some red parts. A similar type of hood without the red is used in the Noh play “Yorimasa” by the Shite, an elderly warlord in the form of a monk wearing armour, and is sometimes called “Yorimasa-zukin”.

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