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Nanori, issei, ageuta. Having developed an interest in Noh after watching several performances, you decide to have a look at a simple utai bon, or “chant book,” and come across these terms. As a newcomer to Noh, their meaning is completely lost on you.

So you don’t get discouraged when you run into this type of terminology in utai bon and other books on Noh, we have created this categorized glossary of Noh Terminology.

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A movement form in Noh and Kyōgen acting: to turn from the current direction to a specific object or direction. Because Noh attempts to express complex inner life in simple movements, multiple acting terms are used for seemingly identical movements. Depending on the school, the movement is often expressed in various ways: “muku” as well as “Ukeru”, “hazusu”, “mio-kaeru”, “Mio-naosu” and so on. The terms described in the esoteric books are rich in suggestions, and the performers need to read and understand them.

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