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Obi (帯 )

A long, thin cloth belt worn around the waist when putting on a costume. Koshi-obi make up the majority of the obi worn in Noh and kyōgen and the colour varies depending on the type of character. There are many character-specific obi, including the donsu-koshiobi, worn by priests and other characters; the montsuki-koshi-obi, worn by male characters; the nuiire-koshi-obi and dōhaku-koshi-obi worn by female characters; and the uroko-koshi-obi worn by the ryunyo. On stage, the end of the koshi-obi can be seen hanging in front of the waists of the performers. Other obi include the onna-obi worn during the female characters’ kinagashi in kyōgen and the santaku-obi worn with the nunohaori in kyōgen. While different from the obi mentioned here, the long, thin obi worn on the costume wigs of the female Noh performers are known as katsura-obi, or “wig-obi.”

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