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Kanjin noh (勧進能)

Performances held to raise subscriptions for the construction of shrines or temples. As times changed, the purpose of kanjin noh was switched to profit-making performances for Noh actors themselves. The origin of kanjin noh is unknown, but many such performances were held. Famous kanjin noh in the Muromachi era include a performance by Otoami at Tadasu kawara in Kyoto in 1433 and one by Konparu Zenpō at Awata guchi in Kyoto in 1505. In the Edo era, a kanjin noh that realised a vast profit was considered to be the finest performance by Kanze Dayū and the headmasters of the five schools. The last kanjin noh of the Edo era was called Kōka kanjin noh and performed by Hōshō Tayū Tomoyuki outside the Sujikaibashi Gate of Edo Castle in 1848. A set of picture scrolls remains that depicts a large audience of Edo townspeople at the huge site of the performance.

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