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Tsune-no-Ōgi (常の扇)

All of the performers in Noh and kyōgen, from the tachikata to the hayashikata, kōken and jiutai, carry fans, or ōgi. There are two types of ōgi, chūkei and shizumeōgi or shizumeoriōgi. The shizumeōgi is known as the tsune-no-ōgi, or “regular ōgi. The shizumeōgi is shaped like a regular ōgi and is around 30cm long. The tachikata in Noh use a shizumeōgi when wearing the suō, with the other roles using chūkei. Chūkei are rarely worn in kyōgen, with most roles carrying the shizumeōgi. In simplified performances, such as maihayashi and shimai, shizumeōgi are worn.

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