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The Gekkeiden Noh Stage (月桂殿能舞台)

Located in the Shuzenji in Izu, Shizuoka, the Gekkeiden Noh stage was built in 1675 (Enpō 3) in the old Japanese ryokan, or inn, Asaba. The stage was rebuilt in Fukagawa, Tokyo after being given as a gift to the former daimyo of Daishōji Toshika Maeda (1841-1920). The floors and terraces of the ryokan are used as the kensho (audience seating), which makes the stage appear as if it is being seen from across a large lake. Behind the stage, trees and bamboo add a wild quality to the stage. While there are many ryokan in Japan that have a Noh stage, this is one of the finest examples.

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