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Kongoh School (金剛流)

One of Noh’s shitekata schools. Its founder is said to be Sakato Magotarō Ujikatsu (1280-1384) of the Muromachi era. From the Kamakura era, the Kongoh School performed for the Hōryūji Temple, and after that belonged to the Yamato Sarugaku Sakado Troupe, which performed Shikisanban (Okina) as part of the religious sarugaku at the Kasugashakōfuku Temple. During the Momoyama era, the Kongoh School was said to have been hired to play 800 times by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who is said to have been crazy about Noh, but it still never reached the popularity of other troupes. Its graceful and beautiful style, in particular the beauty of the forms of its dances, has led it to also be called Mai Kongoh, or “Dancing Kongoh.” It is also characterized by its dynamic performance, which includes many bold and daring stunts. In 1936, the 23rd generation of the school Kongoh Ukyō Ujiyasu passed away and the Sakato Kongoh clan ended, but in the following year Kongoh Iwao (first generation) of the apprentice clan Kyoto Kongoh, took over the clan and became its 24th generation.

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