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Izumi School (和泉流)

One of the kyōgenkata schools. Said to have been founded by Sasaki Gakurakuken in the middle of the Muromachi era, in 1614 during the start of the Edo era when Yamawaki Izumi Motoyoshi gained control of the Owari Tokugawa domain, the Nomura Matasaburō and Miyake Tōkurō schools were invited to establish the school. While performing kyōgen while it was prohibited, they received the protection of the Owari and Kaga domains. The Izumi Schools is characterized by its elegant, soft style, and there are three sub-schools within the schools that have individual scripts, all of which are still played on the modern stage. While there are differences in the techniques and performance of the three sub-schools, there is active exchange among them, and many joint performances.

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