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Ōkura School (大蔵流)

One of the schools of kyōgen. While some sayGen-ei Hōin (1269-1350) of the Nanboku-chō era was its founder, it appears it was actually founded in the latter half of the Muromachi era around the time of the 9th generation Uji Yataro Masanobu. The founding schools in the Edo era held great power, usually performing for the Shogunate. While they disappeared at one point during the Meiji era, Kichijirō, son of Zenchiku Yagorō who was part of the Shigeyama clan during the start of the Showa era, took over the clan and became its 24th generation. The head Ōkura school, Yamamoto Tōjiro school, Shigeyama school and Zenchiku school are now active in different areas. The Shigeyama school is known for its expressive, likeable style, and the Yamamoto school is characterized by its formal style.

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