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Ōshikihayamai (黄鐘早舞)

One type of dance in Noh. The soft dance of a male spirit soothing a heart filled with bitterness and longing. Danced by the Shite in Matsumushi and Nishikigi. It is a daishō-mono performed with the flute, Kotsuzumi and ōtsuzumi. While the official style is five parts, there are times it is danced in three parts. The typical hayamai is known as banshikimai, and while the tempo becomes a fast Banshikichō part way through, as the name indicates, the ōshikihayamai is danced until the end in the ōshiki tempo. Also, when hayamai are danced first in the performance, the hayamai is changed to ōshikihayamai.

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