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Menbakomochi (面箱持)

In Okina (shiki sanba), play that prays for peace and security of the nation, the mask representing a deity, either the haku-shiki-jō or koku-shiki-jō, or the kagurasuzu carried in a menbako is carried reverently on stage. This is the role of the kyōgenkata, or alternatively of the character answering the questions after the words of happiness after the mominodan in Sanbansō. In the Kanze and Hosho kamigakari versions of Okina, the shitekata plays the role of senzai and the kyōgenkata plays the role of menbakomochi, but in the Konparu, Kongo and Kita shimogakari schools, the kyōgenkata performer plays the roles of both the senzai and menbakomochi.

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