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Chichinojō (父尉)

Okina has been called “Noh, yet not Noh,” as it is really more a Shinto ritual or prayer song than a Noh performance, and the chichinojō is the name of the aging deity that appears in both shikisanban and sanbansō. The word shikisanban means the tradition of performing the three numbers, chichinojō, okina, and sanbansō, however chichinojō began to be left out in the Muromachi era, a tradition that continues to this day. Now, when shikisanban (okina) is performed in the chichinojō enmeikaja style, the chichinojō appears together with the enmeikaja. The mask worn by the chichinojō has the same name, and although the mask is rō-okina the corners of the eyes are drawn upward and the mask has the same cut-off chin or kiri-ago as the hakushikijō or sanbansō.

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