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Sanyaku (三役)

A collective name for the wakikata, kyōgenkata and hayashikata as opposed to the shitekata. There are currently three wakikata schools (the Takayasu School, Fukuo School and Hōsho School) and two kyōgenkata schools (the Izumi School and the Okura School). Hayashikata are divided into fuekata, kotsuzumikata, otsuzumikata and taikokata. There are three fuekata schools (Isso School, Fujita School and Morita School, four kotsuzumikata schools (Okura School, Kanze School, School and Kosei School), five otsuzumikata schools (Ishii School, Okura School, Kadono School, Kanze School and Takayasu School) and two taikokata schools (Kanze School, Konparu School). Since the Edo era, the shitekata and sanyaku have been divided, with hayashi only playing the roles for which they are trained, and even among the hayashikata, musicians do not play an instrument in which they do not specialize.

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