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Kazuraobi (鬘帯)

A long belt worn by female roles tied long and thinly and extending from the top of the wig like a hachimaki. The kazuraobi touches the forehead and is wrapped around to the back of the head and tied to fall down the back. An iroiri-style, or “with-color” kazuraobi with crimson is worn by the roles of younger women, and the iro-nashi, or “without-color” style by the roles of women middle-aged or older. Plant patterns are often used, but for the role of she-devils the fish-scale uroko pattern with repeated triangles is often used. The kazuraobi use surihaku to create patterns with glued on gold and silver flecked patterns, the delicate Nihon shishū, traditional Japanese stitching, and dōhakuji, in which the face of raw silk is covered in gold flecks to create an extremely luxurious look. In the Noh play Yōkihi, the special use of the kazuraobi is indicated with the tama sudare kogaki, with several kazuraobi hung like a sudare, or bamboo curtain, to symbolize the grandeur of a royal palace.

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