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Tsukurimono (作り物)

The props placed on the stage in Noh and kyōgen. As they are built individually for each performance, they are known as tsukurimono, or “built things.” There are many different tsukurimono such as huts, palaces, shacks, Shinto gateways, bells, wells, boats and carriages, but they are all simple, being built of bamboo frames and wrapped in white cloth, made to match the Noh or kyōgen performance and the feel of the stage. They are decorated with thin red or blue bands of cloth, and sometimes covered in dark blue or purple silk brocade. The largest tukurimono of all is the bell used in Dōjōji, which is large enough for a person to fit inside and constructed of a bamboo frame, and as the frame includes lead, the bell is extremely heavy. The inside of the bell contains the mask and costume of the atoshite,
who transforms into a snake.

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