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Shōzoku (装束)

The costumes in Noh and kyōgen. Includes the kimono worn as the very bottom layer of the costume (a short-sleeved kimono), and the kimono worn as the top layer (a short-sleeved karaori or long-sleeved kariginu), the hakama, and the obi, or “belts,” worn around the waist and hair. All headwear including wigs, eboshi, hoods are also included in shōzoku. However, Noh and kyōgen masks are not included in shōzoku. Noh shōzoku are mostly made of silk, with extremely luxurious costumes represented by the karaori, which incorporate the finest weaving techniques. The shōzoku of kyōgen also include many costumes made of hemp such as the kataginu and kyōgen-bakama, and are characterized by richly provincial elements including bold designs and colors.

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