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Konparu Zenchiku (金春禅竹)

Konparu Zenchiku was a Noh actor and playwright who lived from 1405 (Ōei 1212) to 1470 (Bunmei 2)?, during the middle of the Muromachi era. His given name was Shichirō Ujinobu, and his dharma name — a new name acquired during a Buddhist initiation ritual — was Zenchiku. He was the son-in-law of one of the most important figures in Noh, Zeami, and as the leader of the Konparu School revival, was active in a large area based in Nara. Under the close tutelage of Zeami, a wealth of knowledge was passed on to him, and he wrote many of his own works on Noh, including Go-on no shidai , Kabu zuinōki , Rokurin ichiro no ki , and Myojukushū . He was also highly esteemed as a playwright, penning plays such as Bashō, Teika, Yōkihi, Tamakazura and Ojio — many profound works that are both elegant and quiet. He cared greatly for Zeami when he left for the island of Sado in his later years, and all of the help Zenchiku gave his master during this time is a testament to how great a person he was.

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