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Noh-gaku Shorin (能楽書林)

Publisher handling both chant books and other Noh-gaku-related material. Noh-gaku Shorin is headquartered in Kanda Jinbo-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. It was first established in 1907 by Katsura Maruoka as Kanze school Kaiteibon Kankōkai. Noh-gaku Shorin publishes chant books with correct, understandable notes, as well as chant books with detailed explanations. The kaiteibon can be very helpful in watching a Noh performance as well, and are highly esteemed as having influenced later chant books. Noh-gaku Shorin now handles a wide variety of materials, from introductory books on Noh and kyōgen to specialized books, to practice materials, as well as the Noh-gaku Times, which has printed news, research and reviews related to the world of Noh-gaku for a half century. This has made it indispensible in the growth and development of Noh-gaku. Keiichi Maruoka now runs Noh-gaku Shorin.

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