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Machi-iri-noh (町入能)

Edo-era Noh performed when the imperial court appointed a new “shogun in charge of conquering barbarian territories,” for weddings, and for other important occasions and celebrations, which the townspeople of Edo were permitted to enjoy. Some 5,000 people were selected for the first day’s performance of the Noh performed on the main stage of Honmaru Edojō. One silk screen depicts 2,500 people at once gathered in the shirasu. The audience members each received one umbrella, sake, candy and one coin, and when the shogun entered, they would all scream “Our leader!” and “Japan!” Senryu, or satirical haiku, of the day, expressed the feeling of celebration throughout the town of Edo for the shogun’s machi-iri-noh, with poems such as “To all of Edo, we give our thanks,” and “A program full of the town and its bells.”

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