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The Nogami Memorial Noh Theatre Research Institute of HOSEI University (法政大学能楽研究所)

A research center which houses historical documents related to nohgakuand serves to promote the art, its development and research. It is also known by its nickname, Nohken. Nohken was founded in 1952 to commemorate the accomplishments of the former President of the university, Dr. Toyoichirō Nogami (1883-1950), known for his works on Noh theatre. The institute houses some 40,000 pieces of material on Noh, dating from its golden age during the Muromachi era through present day. A central institution in the study of nohgaku, the institute sheds light on Noh and kyōgen from various angles, and offers lectures and events. Its willingness to make its materials available has also allowed many people to contribute to its research. Nohken is located in the HOSEI University Boissonade Tower, Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. It has a detailed home page, digital archives and materials database.

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