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Chū-nori (中ノリ)

A vocal style linked to tempo and rhythm. Noh vocals sometimes take the rhythm of the music, and sometimes not. Those that take the rhythm are classified into three types: Hira-nori, Chū-nori and Ō-nori. When actors chant in Chū-nori, they basically pronounce each two of the 16 syllables of the verse in eight-and-eight syllable meter to each of the eight beats – for example, "Ika-Nimo-Dai-Jio-Noko-Sazu-Tsuta-Ete." Basically, there is no chanting with longer syllables, although actors will utilize intervals and longer syllables if the number of syllables is fewer than 16. Chū-nori chanting is lively and frequently used in the endings of shura-noh, when the dead warrior's soul describes the burden of wandering between this world and the next, and also for the scenes in which demons display their power. It is also called shura-nori or han-nori. Chū-nori is accompanied by nohkan, kotsuzumi and ōtsuzumi, but not by taiko.

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