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Sanben gaeshi (三遍返シ)

A non-standard way of chanting shidai, in which the shidai part is repeated three times. Normal shidai consists of two parts: firstly, the actors appear and chant shidai (a part of three verses in seven-and-five-syllable meter); secondly, the chorus chants the same part in a lower tone (called jidori or jigaeshi). Sanben-gaeshi includes an additional shidai part chanted by actors after the second part. It has a prestigious and dignified atmosphere. In waki-noh, the waki and waki-tsure appear to the rhythm of shin-no-shidai and chant the shidai part using sanben gaeshi. In plays with a heavy atmosphere, such as "Dōjōji," the shite may also chant the shidai part in sanban gaeshi.

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