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Tsuyu (露)

Floor-length cords under the sleeves of a wide-sleeved costume. A long cord (tsuyu-himo) is put through each edge of the wide sleeves of a kariginu, with both ends tied to make a tsuyu. For chōken and hitatare kimono, the tsuyu is shorter, as it is attached directly to the sleeve. Silk braided cords are often used for chōken , and flat leather cords for hitatare. Most Noh costumes originate from the court and military practices known as yūsoku The long cord is for tightening the sleeves in order to avoid an obstruction during working time, but on the stage it is mostly ornamental and rarely used for this purpose. You may see an actor holding both cords in his hands at the beginning of a dance. This is called "tsuyu-wo-toru."

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