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kyōgen-utai (狂言謡)

A type of chant recited by kyōgen actors. It includes "koutai," a short utai recited in drinking party scenes in kyōgen plays, and "komai-utai", recited during independent dance performances. These chants are usually used in multiple plays, but there are some for particular pieces only – these are called "tokutei kyōgen-utai" (specific kyōgen chants). The rules of musical scales and rhythm may be similar to the Noh vocals, but there are also some chants with rhythms and scales particularly for kyōgen plays, or ones with graceful melodies and vibrato called kouta. These include "kyōgen-nori", "hayashi-mono", "iro-kotoba", "saru-uta" and "heike". The expressions of kyōgen-utai vary.

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