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Kanetsuri-kōken (鐘吊後見)

A part in the Noh play "Dōjōji" that involves carrying the fake bell to the stage, hanging it with rope by passing the rope through a pulley under the ceiling with a bamboo pole, and taking the bell out of the curtain at the end of the play. It is performed by a kyōgen actor. In the Kanze and Hōshō schools (kamigakari), the part is played by an actor in formal crested kimono and hakama trousers who is called the kanetsuri-kōken. In the Konparu, Kongō and Kita schools (shimogakari), it is played by an actor in the costume of a temple assistant. It is difficult to carry a heavy bell and hang it securely and neatly in front of the audience, so there are a number of oral instructions and best methods. The act of lowering the bell before the interval is an important duty for a shite actor, called the "kane-kōken."

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