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Kyōgen-men (狂言面)

Masks used in kyōgen plays. Since kyōgen has many characters played without masks, there are only about 30 types, far fewer than for Noh. These can be roughly classified into the following: young and old females, elder males, demons and gods, animals and so on. The mask for kokushiki-jō used for sanbasō in “shiki-sanban” may fall into the category of kyōgen mas because a kyōgen actor dances the piece. It also falls into the category of okina mask, together with hakushiki-jō and chichi-no-jō, because it is for the okina dance as preceding entertainment. As in Noh, kyōgen masks are respectfully called “omote”, although some are used to assume the form of a creature on the stage. Kyōgen masks share makers and materials with Noh masks but seldom require strict duplication, unlike Noh.

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