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Nohgaku (能楽)

Nohgaku refers to noh and kyōgen. It may also include Shiki-sanban (the three rituals, or Okina). Until the Edo period, the expression mainly used was “sarugaku no noh” (although the name “” was used in some cases during the late Edo period). The term “Nohgaku” took root in 1881, when members of the nobility established Nohgakusha, a support group for Nohgaku. In this period, the indoor Noh theatre style was led by a new Noh stage built by Nohgakusha, called Momijiyama Noh Theatre in Shiba Park, or Shiba Noh Theatre. The stage was moved to the precincts of the Yasukuni Shrine in 1902 (Meiji 35), where it remains to this day. In front of the stage is a plaque with calligraphy for “Nohgaku” written by one of the founders of Nohgakusha, Maeda Nariyasu of the 13th generation of the Kaga Maeda family.

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