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Kanjinchō (勧進帳)

A letter of intent to request donations for the construction of a temple or shrine. Used as the name of a special staging feature for the Noh play “Ataka”, it appears in the scene where the shite Musashibō Benkei pulls out a blank scroll and improvises a reading of a kanjinchō book in response to the waki Togashi, a barrier keeper suspicious of Minamoto no Yoshitsune and his party fleeing in the guise of mountain priests. In some schools, if the “Kanjinchō” feature is specified, the shite reads the book alone; otherwise, all the priests in the group read it. The rhythms are different from those of regular chanting, with freely handled slow and rapid chanting, considered very difficult for expressing the actors’ emotions, so it is performed with great care as a form of learning.

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