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Mino (蓑)

A type of costume. An outer covering that covers the body for waterproofing, preventing snow and cold. A mino is made from solid plant fibres; the top is woven, and the bottom hangs in pieces. The word “mino” generally conjures up images of “kata-mino” used in Kyōgen, worn over the shoulders and tied in front, covering the shoulders and back. In “Kirokuda”, a cotton cloak is used to represent the scene of going through the deep snow, and in “Setsubun”, a mino is used as an invisible cloak for demons. Among the mino used in Noh are waistcoats for fishers, hunters, seawater drawers, and others engaged in humble occupations. Unique types of mino include “hamino” and “torimino”, which are made of layers of real bird feathers.

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