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Osame (納メ)

It is a style of Noh and Kyōgen acting. It is a form of dancing that is used to end a dance performance. There are many ways to describe it depending on the style, such as “shitome”, “tome”, and “osame”. In this form, you scoop up the fan in your right hand from the front of your body, pull it in, and sit down on one knee. The Noh and Kyōgen dance’s standard final form is the sequence of sayū (literally, left and right), uchikomi (literally, bringing down from above the head) and tome in daishō-mae (the place on the Noh stage in front of the ōtsuzumi and kotsuzumi drummers, halfway between their positions), although there are a few variations. In this form, the performer sits down on one knee and returns to the starting posture of the dance.

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