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Kakyō (花鏡)

An esoteric book of Noh. Consisting of one volume, Kakyō is a compilation of the artistic theory that Zeami (1363-1443, Jōji 2 - Kakitsu 3), believed to be the greatest master of Noh, acquired from the ages of 40 to 60, about 20 years after the death of his father, Kan’ami. Initially, it was called “Kashū”, but was later established in stages as “Kakyō” by 1424 (Ōei 31) and was handed down to his son, Motomasa (died 1432 [Eikyo 4]). The content includes a wide range of discussions on vocalization (icchō niki sansei), acting theory such as the teaching of imitation and the use of the body, staging, training, and artistry. The well-known phrases “Shoshin wasuru bekarazu (never lose the beginner’s mind)” and “Riken no ken (the seeing of detached perception)” also feature in this highly valued book.

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