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Kanze School [Taiko-kata] (観世流[太鼓方])

One of the Noh drum (taiko) schools, also called the Kanze Sakichi School. The founder, Kanze Yoshirō Yoshikuni (1440-1493), was the son of On’ami and established the school after studying under Komparu Saburō Toyouji, the founder of the Taiko-kata Komparu School. The lineage continued with the second generation Higaimoto Yogorō Yoshihisa (1483-1518), the third generation Higaimoto Jirōdayu Kunitada (1468-1540), and the fourth generation Jiga Yozaemon Kunihiro (died 1580), who was a renowned master and left numerous written records. After the sudden death of the fifth generation, Yogorō, the family name was taken over by Komparu Mataemon Shigeie (1560-1625), a disciple of Kunihiro. Shigeie's eldest son, Sakichi Shigetsugu, was adopted into the Kanze family and succeeded as the seventh generation. During the Edo period, it served as musical accompaniment for the Kanze School. Its performance style evokes a sense of antiquity, with linear handling of the drumsticks and powerful calls. Today's performers are mainly active in Tokyo but perform nationwide.

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