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Hiraki (披キ)

A narai, or “advanced practice play” of a nohgakushi, or the first time this play is played. Narai are plays and performances that require special permission to be performed. The status of the performer is elevated if he is able to successfully complete the performance of a hiraki. Hiraki are both technically and psychologically highly demanding, requiring much practice, technique, and the cultivation of the proper attitude toward the stage and personal character. Hiraki for the shitekata include Shakkyō, Dōjōji, Midare and Shōjōmidare, Okina, and Obasute; for the wakikata, Chōryō, Dōjōji, and Sumidagawa; and for the kyōgenkata, Tsurigitsune, Hanago, and Makuramonogurui. Many of the hiraki of the shitekata are shared by the hayashikata, while some are distinct. Performers spend their lifetime practicing hiraki corresponding to their stage career and age.

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