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Shimai (仕舞)

A type of performance accentuating the movement of the shite danced in the crest-adorned kimono known as montsuki and hakama, Japanese-style trousers (or kamishimo, “top and bottom,” formal attire worn over the monstsuki and hakama). The shimai does not include hayashi and is danced with around four jiuta, using a large fan, or ōgi, called a shimai-ōgi, and no masks or costumes. Props are in general not used, with the exception of a long sword known as a naginata or a cane. An extremely simplified version of Noh, the principal parts of the dance are extremely enjoyable. As there are also shimai for the wakikata, shimai is also known as wakishimai. Shimai danced by the kyōgenkata are known as komai.

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