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Hitatare (直垂)

A long-sleeved lined garment with matching top and bottom worn by the role of a samurai. The hitatare is used for characters with higher standing than those wearing the suō. Many Hitatare are made from hemp cloth with dyed patterns. The Hakama worn is a nagabakama, or “long Hakama” at the bottom of which is worn a komiōkuchi Hakama to add bounce to the costume. When only upper half of the Hitatare is worn over an ōkuchi hakama, it is known as a kakehitatare. In shikisanban (Okina), when the Sanbasō, senzai and Menbakomochi wear the Hitatare, a short-sleeved Hakama or kiribakama is worn instead of the nagabakama.

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