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Karaori (唐織)

A gorgeous lined garment representative of Noh costumes, the karaori is a short-sleeved kimono worn by female characters. The name of the fabric, ¬karaori, or “Chinese weave” refers to its roots in China and came to be used as the name of the costume as well. Karaori that include red coloring are called iroiri, or “with red,” and are worn by younger female characters, and those that do not are known as ironashi, or “without red” and are used for female characters middle-aged or older. There are many ways of putting on the karaori, including kinagashi, in which the karaori is worn without a hakama, nugisage, in which the right sleeve hangs unworn to the back, and tsuboori, in which the portion of the garment around the hips is folded and the tail is pulled up to the knees.

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