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Kariginu (狩衣)

A long-sleeved garment worn by male characters. There are lined and unlined kariginu, with lined kariginu used for gods and other dignified, stately roles, and unlined costumes used for elegant, refined roles such as aristocrats. Patterns appropriate to the costume are woven often with golden thread. For the roles of priests, yore, a type of kariginu is worn in which the weft, or widthwise thread, is scraped to give the garment a transparent appearance. A kariginu with a shokkō, or floral crested pattern, is used for the taifu role in shikisanban (okina), which is also known as an okina-kariginu. Folding down the collar and wearing the kariginu costume as a normal kimono is known as emon ni kiru, or “putting on the kimono.”

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