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Ōgi (扇)

A type of fan used as a handheld prop. Ōgi are very important to both Noh and kyōgen, and all of the performers including the jiutai and koken carry one. Types of ōgi include the chūkei, the end of which remains half open when the fan is closed, and the shizumeōgi, which closes completely. The chūkei is often used in Noh, and the shizumeōgi in kyōgen. While the kōken, jiutai and hayashikata will use the shizumeōgi, the suutai, shimai and komai may used the shizumeōgi. The patterns of the ōgi are determined by the school in Noh, but in kyōgen the patterns are selected to match the season or type of play.

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