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Kazura (鬘)

The wigs worn by the performers. There are three types of wigs used in Noh and kyōgen, the kashira, tare and kazura. The kazura is intended to be worn by young to middle-aged women, is made of black human hair and is worn parted on the middle of the head. Variations of the kazura include the nagakazura or “long kazura,” whose hair falls down the back, the nagakamoji, which has long extention hair, or kamoji, and the tsukegami or midaregami which is worn with one length of hair dropping from the side of the face to in front of the chest. More broadly, types of kazura also include the ubagami worn by old women, the jōgami worn by old men, and the kasshikikazura worn by young boys who are temple apprentice. In kyōgen, kazura are limited to certain female roles such as Komachi in Kasen and Miko in Daihannya, and the jōgami and ubagami are not worn.

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