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Honganji North Stage (本願寺北能舞台)

The Noh Stage located in Nishi Hongwanji, the Honganji North Stage is the oldest Noh stage recognized as a national treasure. Writing from 1581 during the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (Tenshō 9) has been found in bits of paper in building. The shiro-shoin, the official shoin, or traditional place of study, is now used as the kensho (seating area), and the stage is placed in the courtyard north of the shiro-shoin. The stage is characterized by the way the hashigakari to the left facing the main stage extends back and to the left at a sharp angle, and how the floor panels of the atoza are laid vertically in line with the main stage, making the North Stage a valuable example of before the stage layout became fixed.

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