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Icchō (一調)

Performance of Noh with one percussionist (kotsuzumi, ōtsuzumi, taikō) and one utai. The performance by the hayashi is more difficult than typical performances, with the utai sung to accentuate the performance of the hayashi. This performance allows both the hayashi and the utai to be fully enjoyed. Variations of the icchō include the icchō issei, icchō ikkan, and mu-utai icchō. The icchō issei includes utai performed with the beat of the icchō, and issei performed out of rhythm, the reason these are considered more difficult than regular icchō. The icchō ikkan includes one percussionist and one utai (sometimes not included) for each flute player. Mu-utai icchō are performed by just the percussionist, but their performance is quite rare.

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