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Aimai (相舞)

Aimai refers to when two or more dancers dance simultaneously on the same stage. Aimai is also referred to as tsuremai. In Noh, it is danced by Jyūrō and Gorō Soga in Kosode Soga ; by the ghost of Shizuka Gozen and the servant girl possessed by this ghost while wearing the same costume in Futari Shizuka; and by the many animals in Taihei Shōjō. In kyōgen also, aimai is seen in plays such as Matsuyuzuriha, where it is danced happily in a sandan no mai by two peasants celebrating a prosperous year. Another special type of aimai is that danced in competition by shitekata from different school in the irregular performances of Shikisanban (Okina), Yumiya no Tachiai and Fune no Tachiai.

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