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Fūshi Kaden (風姿花伝)

Fūshi Kaden is the treatise on Noh written by one of its great founders, Zeami, based on his father, Kannami’s, teachings and including his own philosophy. It is known popularly as the Kadensho. It is made up of seven volumes, and includes the famous words, “hi sureba hana,” or, “when you keep a secret, a flower blooms,” a phrase indicating the imagined beauty when a portion of something remains unrevealed, a central concept in the Japanese sense of beauty captured in Noh. It was created in the Oei period (1394-1428) of the earlier half of the Muromachi era, and while it long remained hidden, it was discovered, translated into modern Japanese and published by the historian and geographer Professor Tōgo Yoshida (1864-1918), leading to broad appreciation of Kannami and Zeami. The secrets to success for a Noh troupe are covered in detail, and the book is read widely by not only those in the world of Noh, but by educators and business people alike.

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