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Shūgen (祝言)

Celebratory Noh played at the end of a day’s performance. Also known as shūgen-noh, in the official performance style of Okina-tsuki Goban Date, they are played in the second half of waki-noh (Iwafune, Kinsatsu) following kiri-noh (it is not performed where the kiri-noh is a celebratory performance such as Shōjō or Shakkyō). Where shūgen-noh is omitted, the jiutai sing one verse of shūgen-noh after the last Noh performance just before leaving the stage. This is known as tsuke-shūgen, or “added Shūgen.” Noh and kyōgen both place great importance on celebration. For example, the start of Goban Date is either Noh or waki-noh Shūgen, and Zeami also used the term Shūgen in relation to utai. In this way, Shūgen is a very important word in the arts of Noh and kyōgen.

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