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Kanze School (観世流)

One school of the shitekata of Noh. The founder was one of the greats ofNoh, Kan’ami Kiyotsugu. (1333-1384). The Kanze School performed Noh as part of the Yamato Sarugaku Yūzakiza that performed Shikisanban (Okina) as part of the religious sarugaku at the Tōnomine Temple and Kasugash Kōfukuji Temple. After receiving the support of the Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, the Kanze School strengthened ties with the Muromachi Shogunate, afterwards receiving the support of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Because of this, whenNoh became shikigaku during the Edo era, the Kanze School boasted the leading style and strength of the four major schools, and even today it has the most performers of all performance groups and schools. It is characterized by its beauty and elegance. TheKanze School also has hayashikata: the Kotsuzumi Kanze School was founded by Miyamasu Yazaemon Chikakata (1482-1556); the Ōtsuzumikata Kanze School was founded by Kanze Yasaburō Nobukata (1672-1718); and the Taiko Kanze School was founded by Kanze Yoshirō Yoshikuni (1440-1493).

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