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Umewaka Troupe (梅若家)

One of Noh’s famous Shitekata Kanze troups. Tachibana no Moroe a, a government official in the first part of the Heian Era (684-757) is said to have started the school. The Umewaka Troup was originally a performance group belonging to the Tanba Sarugaku group, a school separate from the four main groups of Yamato Sarugaku. The Umewaka Troup often played at the imperial palace during the Muromachi era, and in the latter half of the 15th century, when Kagehisa Dayū were called by Emperor Go Tsuchimikado, they received the name Waka, and began calling themselves Umewaka instead of Umetsu. After that, the troupe received the support of those in power during the reigns of Oda Nobunagaand Tokugawa Ieyasu, and were recognized during the Edo ear as a troupe that played the tsure roles for Kanze Dayū. The Umewaka Troupe was characterized by a style that placed even greater emphasis on the beauty of the Kanze School. The Umewaka Rokurōtroupe is the main troupe, and there is also a separate Mannzaburō troupe.

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