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Ranbyōshi (乱拍子)

One of the forms in Noh and kyōgen. Ranbyōshi, or “confused rhythm,” is when the maeshite or shirabyōshi dances with special steps in the Noh play Dōjō-ji. It is also said to represent climbing the stone wall of a temple stone by stone after a begrudged bell. The distinct music combining a screeching spirit and hushed silence is played with only the kotsuzumi, accompanied by the flute. Ranbyōshi, which existed in the arts of the middle ages, is said to have been added to Noh, and while previously only used in Dōjō-ji in Konparu, Higaki in Kanze, Sōshiaraikomachi in Hōshō, and Sumiyoshimōde in Kongoh (Yokofue in Kita), later began to be danced in the Dōjō-ji performances of each school.

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