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Gaku (楽)

One type of dance in Noh. A dance said to take from gagaku, it is danced often in Noh plays related to gagaku or for a role related to China. It is characterized by its many dance step. While there are many taiko-mono plays performed with instruments including the flute, Kotsuzumi, Ōtsuzumi and Taiko, there are also ōtsuzumimono such as Fujitaiko and Umegae performed as a daishōmono without the Taiko. Typical kagu are performed with a flute style known as ōgonchō, however there are some that include a high tempo known as hanshōchō for the Kogaki (indicated special performances). The Gaku of kyōgen mimic the taiko-mono of Noh, and are danced by the Shite/Chinese emperor in Tōjinzumo (Tōzumo), and by the husband of the Shite/Chinese person in Chasanbai.

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