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Tennyonomai (天女之舞)

One type of dance in Noh. Nakanomai danced by the Tsure female god in Chikubushima and Arashiyama are known particularly as Tennyonomai. The official style is a five-part nakanomai danced by the Shite, but there are also official three-part style danced by the Tsure or hayashi. Because of this, the nakanomai danced by the Tsure or hayashi are known as sandannomai (separate from the sandannomai danced by the Kyōgenkata), and the tenyonomai are also danced in three parts. Sandannomai are ōtsuzumimono danced with the flute, Kotsuzumi and ōtsuzumi, and while there are some taiko-mono, Tennyonomai must include the Taiko.

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