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Midare (乱)

One type of dance in Noh. Noh’s Shojōmidare or Midare is danced by a Shite or shojō. The typical shōjō is danced as a nakanomai, but in special performances the dance may become Midare and the play name also may change to Shojōmidare or Midare. It is a taiko-mono performed with instruments including the flute, Kotsuzumi, ōtsuzumi and Taiko. Similar to many other dances, it progresses with eight beats as one unit, and may change greatly and suddenly even within the eight beats. The dance may also use a special kind of step known as the midareashi that depicts playfully floating on water. The costumes for both shōjō and Shojōmidare are uniformly red, often there are slightly more elegant costumes, such as a short-sleeve kimono woven in a pattern resembling the blue waves of the ocean. Furthermore, there are two types of Midare. Midare alone refers typically to Shojōmidare, and in Noh there is also a separate, more difficult Midare for sagi known as Sagimidare.

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